The Dashboard

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Dashboard options

Tawk to                       Integrated web chat client Tawk To – allows agents to chat with website users visiting your website (when implemented)

Diary                            an internal diary to store all appointments and diarised items


Add property              add a new property onto the system

Property List               list all properties on the system with a given criteria

Progress                      list all properties with progress markers against them


Bulk rental payments  enter daily payments for rental payments

Tenant list                   show all tenants (with active tenancy agreements)

Landlord list                show all landlords (with active tenancy agreements)


Add Business               should you sell businesses, enter these in this section

Business list                list all businesses on the system with a given criteria


Add contact                add a new contact onto the system

Contact list                  list all contacts on the system with a given criteria

Contacts to delete      list all contacts that you are able to remove from the system

Hot contacts               those contacts that you deem to be a hot contact

Reports                       various reports that extract data from the system to either Spreadsheet or PDF.

Holiday Requests        those users that are able to approve or deny holiday requests will

                                   See this option appear once staff members place a holiday request.

Administration             all the administration options to configure your agency, branches, staff and various other options

Status bar

Version                        the systems version number, by clicking this option, shows you all the versions and improvements.

Notifications                a quick view of all the system notifications, including diary appointments.

Page help                    throughout the system, clicking this should show help information regarding the section that you’re working on.

Colleagues                   shows colleagues that are logged onto the system

Your name                   clicking this gives access for editing your profile (opens in a new tab)

Log Out                       when you finish using the system, then log out for security

Sticky Notes                create a post-it note type note on your desktop for reminders etc You can also create and store sticky notes in contacts and properties Within the notes tab.

Business overview

The Business Overview contains useful information at a glance, such as how many new clients have been entered this week, whether feedback has been received and relayed to vendors, and whether there are any contacts with bounced emails (which is where an email sent by Stand Out Property Manager has been rejected, which is likely due to an invalid email address).

Examples are

                                   Available sales

                                   Available rentals

                                   Listings awaiting decision

                                   Listings with no viewings in the last 30 days

                                   Agent awaiting viewing feedback

                                   Vendors/Landlords awaiting viewing feedback

                                   Contacts with bounced emails

Your recently edited listings

This section shows a list of properties you’ve recently edited, showing their contract, address, status.

You can determine the number of properties shown by going to your personal profile and selecting Dashboard Options.

Your recently edited contacts

This section shows a list of recent contacts and their definition on the system.

You can determine the number of contacts shown by going to your personal profile and selecting Dashboard Options.

Today’s appointments and outstanding tasks

Shows appointments for yourself, and teams that you are assigned to, also shows any outstanding tasks that are assigned to you.

This section can be enabled or disabled from your personal profile page.

Performance Chart

This displays the last 12 months of your sales/rentals and withdrawals so you can see at a glance how you are doing. (blue and green are good, red is bad)

This section can be enabled or disabled from your personal profile page.

Local Weather

Displays the local weather for your area by default, you can also type in another area to get weather for that area also.

This section can be enabled or disabled from your personal profile page.

Version Control – Important Note

As versions are implemented regularly (usually monthly), we do recommend that you read the release notes. The version will flash until you click on it but is important to view this information as if you have recommended a system change or improvement, will let you know what has been released.


When you have notifications a “pill” will appear with the number of notifications, if you wish to delete them, simply hover over it and click on the x for it to be permanently deleted.

Page Help

Throughout Standout, each page has its own page help to assist with you when completing the entries on that page.

Colleagues – sending quick messages

Standout has the ability to send notes to other members of your branch, by clicking on the staff member you will see:

Sending a note: Receiving a note: