Chase Outstanding Rent

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Chase outstanding rental payments

This screen will display the Agreement details, which include:

Start date
End date
Rent due on
Property reference (opens the property in a new tab)
Address (as above)
Tenant (opens the tenant in a new tab)
Mobile(if you are on a mobile, it will open your phone dialler)
Email (creates a new email in your assigned email software)


Displays Date, Overdue by, Description, Status, Fee, Amount, Tenant Balance, Select (select all with either select or unselect every transaction)

Once you select at least one transaction, the button "Select" will appear that the bottom of the form. Click this to select the selected transactions and Email subject, Email body (formatted with text and transactions which is editable).

Download options (only used when clicking the button "Download word document"

Include Agency details at the top - adds your agency name and branch address at the top right of the document
Include Tenant name and address at the top - adds the Tenant Saluation and rental property address on the left of the document
Include Todays date - adds the current day date on the document
Include Staff details - adds your details to the bottom of the document

Download word document - creates a docx formatted document which is downloaded to your computer (if file storage is configured, a copy is stored in the Tenants file section.

Send email to tenant - places an email in the queue to send directly to your tenant (requires tenant email address to be entered)