Diary Overview

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Office 365 Integration

If you have logged into Office 365 (by clicking the login button on your Dashboard) you will see "Appointments will be also created in your Office 365 calendar" below the date. Any appointment created by yourself will be created in your Outlook Calendar, if you've created an appointment for a colleague, and they use Office 365, they will have the appointment created automatically.

Diary actions

Diary Actions.png

Download this week for Outlook / Calendar  download a file to import into another Calender

Print this week                                                print weekly diary appointments

Print today                                                      print todays appointments

Print today (with directions)                          print todays appointments with directions to appointments and/or viewings

Upload .ics file                                                import appointments from a different Calendar

Diary viewing options


Day/Week                   viewing options

<- Today ->                  move back and forward in diary view, reset view to today

(7) Next 7 days            jump 7 days from the selected day



Include unaccompanied viewings      show those viewings where no staff are accompanying

Include deleted                                   show deleted appointments/entries

Username dropdown                         select yourself, other or teams to view their appointments


+ New              create a new appointment

Padlock           Mark as Private – only you and the recipient will only be able to see the details

(?)                    Mark as Tentative

Edit / View      open the highlighted appointment

Add an appointment


Subject                        name of the appointment

Location                      where is the location of the appointment

Branch                         which branch does this appointment belong to

For                               for which staff member

Category                     category for the appointment (configured in Administration/Diary)

Start Date                    on which date (or start date)

Start Time                   what time is the appointment

All Day                         if it is an all day event

End Date                     on which date (or end date)

End Time                     how long is the appointment for (configured in Administration/Diary)

Recurring                    to create recurring events, will be available when the category is set to Uncategorised or Personal

Reminder                    do you want to be reminded about this appointment

Notes                          additional notes regarding the appointment

Private                         is this appointment private

Tentative                     is this appointment tentative

Close                           close the appointment without saving

Create appointment   save the appointment into the Calendar

Creating a Valuation Appointment

Open a property that is at Pre Valuation to create the appointment, once open, click “More actions then Book Valuation. You will automatically be transferred to the Diary, double click on the day/time that you have booked


Standout will populate the appointment, if you require no changes, click Create appointment. You can tick the “Email owner” and the owner will be notified by email about the appointment. Alternatively, you can select a Valuation Letter and either send that in the post or email.

Default letters are

Potential Listing Sheet                        Valuation Pre Marketing Sheet

Rental Take On/Valuation Checklist   Before start of rental checklist

Valuation Appointment                      Book Valuation Letter

Any of the above letters may be chosen and either downloaded to print from Word or emailed.


If you have SMS credits, 2 hours before an appointment, if configured, reminders are sent automatically.

Book a viewing

Open a property that is Available to create the appointment, once open, click “More actions then Book viewing


If you have not entered the potential buyer, at this point you can create a new contact (opens in a new browser tab to allow you to enter their details)

Once you start to enter their name, they will appear where you can then click on them, then click Book viewing

Again, double click on the date/time for the appointment


Standout will populate the appointment, there will place ticks in both Email owner and Email viewer – you can untick if you do not wish to email either party. If either of the contacts have already confirmed this appointment, you can tick those. Click Create appointment. In Property and then Viewings / offers tab the appointment will show


In the diary, the appointment will show as



Standout will add appointments to remind you in the Notifications at the top of the screen


You can just hover over the past notifications to remove them, once completed.