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Reports are grouped in the following categories

Report Category
All Show all reports
Management Show just Management reports
Property Show just Property reports
Rentals Show just Rental reports

Reports can be either printed or downloaded as a PDF document.

Section 19 HMRC Return – additional notes:

Once your section 19 data has been created and downloaded, what you now need to do is download the HMRC spreadsheet and merge in the data Standout has created for you.

To complete this step you must have Microsoft Excel 2007 or above.

Follow the instructions below to finish the procedure:

  1. Download the HMRC spreadsheet from the Government web site
  2. Open your spreadsheet that has just been created and select all data (Click the top left no 1 so the first data row highlights then press then while keeping the left mouse button held down drag down to the last row of data in the spreadsheet).
  3. Open the HMRC spreadsheet (ROPL-01).
  4. Click on the number 3 (3rd row) then from the home menu select Paste.
  5. Your data is now merged into the HMRC spreadsheet, you will now need to check any errors shown in red before submitting to HMRC.