Marketing a Property

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Marketing a Property Overview

These instructions are to be used in conjunction with all other documents from Standout Wiki help system.

The basic process of marketing a property within Standout Property Manager follows the actual process of marketing a property in the UK market place and should follow the same steps you would take to market a property without any software.

For a HMO listing refer to the separate HMO document as that is more complex and needs its own help documentation

The process of marketing a property in the UK is as follows:


A person asks you to value the property so you either add them as a contact with type vendor, or add the basic details of the property (address, type of property etc, i.e. the information you get over the phone from them on the initial contact, and then also add them as the vendor of the property).

You add to the system both the contact and the property. We would always recommend putting as much detail in Standout as possible at this stage the information will be limited as you have not seen the property. But the more information you can provide, the more you can offer your client!


Book a valuation by choosing the property and then click the Book Valuation button at the bottom of the screen.

From the diary select the date / time the valuation is to take place, then either double click in the time slot or press Book Valuation button, all the details are automatically filled in, you just need to select if you want the system to automatically email the owner with the appointment details (normally you would)

You will then go and value the property taking whatever details you require, and on return to office (or anywhere with internet connection) find the property by address or any other method, select edit and enter the extra details of the property, the property status is Awaiting Decision whilst you enter the details, you don’t need to enter everything unless you think they will go on the market with you.

Your now waiting for them to decide to list with you (Awaiting Decision) if they want to put the property on the market with you this is the point you would enter the room details and enter the media (photograph’s etc) .

Once you have entered all the details and photos etc, you can then print a brochure for them to agree to (More Actions > Generate Brochure)

Once the vendor/landlord is happy with your details just go back to the property and change the status to Available then save it, it will be live on your web site and Zoopla/Rightmove/On the market within 10 minutes and any lesser portals by around 6pm.

Book Viewings

Your now awaiting people to book viewings, so when someone wants to book a viewing go to the property and press the Book Viewing button, if its someone that’s already on your books select them from the list as you type the name, if not listed then create them as a new contact, select the date/time of viewing then save

Viewing feedback

After the viewing has taken place, get viewing feedback from the viewer as you normally would, and enter that into the system on the viewings/offers tab of the property, this is also where you record any offer from the person as this generates all letters/emails etc required and is where you proceed with the sale, so make offer, accept offer etc is all done from the offers tab

Offer Accepted

This differs for Sales/Rentals/Auction process.

For sales once an offer is accepted then you need solicitors for all parties (this bit is about to change in the next few days to make it so every transaction a person does can have individual solicitors)

You then change the status through to SSTC/Exchanged/completed as each stage is reached, you can also add milestones (Progress markers) so that you know at a glance where each property is up to.