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When adding a property, it will fall into two categories – For Sale and To Let. Properties can be classed as Residential / Commercial / Business.


To begin with, the following should be entered:

Property reference     a unique code for this property – either your own code if you have a policy identifying properties or the system can Generate a code for you.

Branch                         when you have multiple branches, this will allow you to choose accordingly.

Date available             when the property will be coming onto the market (not necessarily the date entered onto Standout).

Status                          By default, Standout only allows you to choose certain status(guided),

To maintain a given “flow” when marketing a property. This can be Configured in Administration / Branch / Settings and then either Free or Guided. When in Free mode, you may choose whichever status you desire. By default a new property will have a status of Pre-Valuation and will automatically update the status as you process the property.

Featured property      for those properties you wish to class as a “Feature Property”, then this sets that option.


Property Address Fields

Similar to Contacts, you enter the address of the property. By default, the Local council will be populated by your default local council (configured in Administration Agency and Branch Settings).

Display Address

This is the address that is displayed on your web site and on any portals that you subscribe to. Note if you subscribe to Zoopla there is a set format of the display address that you need to follow.

Latitude and Longitude

These fields will be populated when the Postcode has been entered, you will then see the following:

Should these not be correct, you are able to manually set both the map and Street View settings. Please note: if Google haven’t recorded the street/area you will not be able to customise this feature.

To change the position of map markers on your web site and Rightmove just click the Set map button and move the marker to the correct location then close the map and resave the property.

If the Street View is incorrect you can set the street view camera to point exactly where you need using the Set Street View button.

Client match will also not work if these figures are zero.



Either select the current owner by typing in the first name or you can Create a new contact – please note: a new tab will open in your browser to allow you to create this new contact, once complete, close the tab and continue working. Your new contact should now appear in the search.

Multiple owners can be recorded against a property but the system does allow for the defaulting of a Primary contact.



The view you get may differ from above depending on your settings ie, if you do not do rentals then that option will not appear.

The basics are as follows:

Contract                      For Sale / To Let / Auction

Class                            Residential / Commercial / Business

New build                    Yes or No

Tenure                        Freehold / Common hold / Leasehold / Share of Freehold / Flying Freehold / Share transfer

Residential type          Bungalow / Character Property / Flat/Apartment / House / Land

Property style             Detached / Semi-Detached / Link Detached / Terraced

                                   *These are the only ones available as dictated by Rightmove

Year build                    normally entered as a 4 digit year (1970)

Bedrooms                   number of bedrooms in the property

Bathrooms                  number of bathrooms in the property

Reception rooms        number of Reception rooms in the property

To Let options


When you place a property for the rental market, both Residential type and Property Style are not required so disappear.

A new option will appear for how this property rental is Managed:

No                               You will not be responsible for this property other than it being placed on the market and removed when tenanted.

Rent collection            You will be responsible for collecting the Rent on the Landlords behalf.

Yes                              You will be responsible for everything regarding the rental of this property and receiving payment from the Tenant, arranging repairs etc and paying the Landlord accordingly.

Commercial options


The options change when a property is one of a commercial type.

Commercial type :       Business Park / Café / Caravan Park / Carehome / Catering / Commercial Property / Development Opportunity / Empty Retail Premises / Farm / Garage / Guest House / Gymnasium / Holiday Flats / Hotel / Industrial Units / Investment Property / Land / Leisure Facility / Mill / Night Club / Nursery / Office / Parking / Permanent Flats / Public House / Restaurant / Retail / Serviced Offices / Shops / Soft Play Centres

Commercial use Class : N/A / A1 (Shops) / A2 (Financial and professional services) / A3 (Restaurants and cafes) / A4 (Drinking establishments) / A5 (Hot food takeaways) / B1 (Business) / B2 (General Industry) / B3 (Special Industrial Group A) / B4 (Special Industrial Group B) / B5 (Special Industrial Group C) / B6 (Special Industrial Group D) / B7 (Special Industrial Group E) / B8 (Storage or distribution) / C1 (Hotels and hostels) / C2A (Secure Residential Institution) / C3 (Dwelling houses) / D1 (Non-residential institutions) / D2 (Assembly and leisure)

Business Sales


Business type              a vast array of business types is pre-populated into this drop down selection.

Business name            the name of the business

Business hours            a free form text box for you to enter the required information.

Price – For Sale properties (Residential / Commercial / Business)


Currency                     Standout can work in various currencies, the ones currently configured are GBP / USD / EUR.

Flash                            whether you place a flash image over the properties main photo reading New to market / Managers Choice / Reduced.

Sale Price                    Whilst you can enter a price that you’ve agreed with your client, This should really be entered in the first place by confirming a Pre-Valuation Appointment and then entering the recommend price at that point.

Price qualifier              A message before the price – Asking Price / POA / Guide Price / Fixed

Price / Offers in Excess of / OIRO / Sale by Tender / From (New Homes and Commercial Only) / Shared Ownership / Offers Over / Part Buy Part Rent / Shared Equity / Equity Loan / Offers Invited

Post Price Message     a message after the price, usually things like Cash Back etc

For Residential Properties only - Standout has details of properties and valuations and as such, this information can be loaded against a property. Click on the Load buttons.

Price – To Let properties


Currency                     Standout can work in various currencies, the ones currently configured are GBP / USD / EUR.

Flash                            whether you place a flash image over the properties main photo reading New to market / Managers Choice / Reduced.

Rental Price                 Whilst you can enter a price that you’ve agreed with your client, This should really be entered in the first place by confirming a Pre-Valuation Appointment and then entering the recommend price at that point.

Price qualifier              A message before the price – Asking Price / POA / Guide Price / Fixed

Price / Offers in Excess of / OIRO / Sale by Tender / From (New Homes and Commercial Only) / Shared Ownership / Offers Over / Part Buy Part Rent / Shared Equity / Equity Loan / Offers Invited

Post Price Message     a message after the price

Let period                   Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Annually / Per 4 Weeks / Per Person Per Week

Bond price                  the amount that the Landlord has requested for the Bond.



Fees can be set as either a Fixed fee or a Percentage, also with a Minimum fee override. Additionally, you can set the Contractual arrangement as Sole Agency / Joint Sole Agency / Multiple Agency. When choosing Joint or Multiple, you can enter the Other Agency(s) name and the Contractual details.

Internal use


This area is for staff to enter private notes. As stated in the screen shot, will be visible to all staff but will on appear on your website.

Vendor Invoice


This option (More Actions / Vendor Invoice) allows you to create a one off invoice to the Vendor.

Invoice Date                            the date of the invoice

Amount                                   Amount of the invoice

VAT applicable                        if you’re VAT registered, then will add the VAT to the Amount

Description                             the description for the invoice being raised.

Create                                     create the invoice against the Vendor

Close                                       close this form once all invoice(s) have been raised.

Additional settings

These additional settings are hopefully where you outshine your competition, by adding as much details as possible, should attract prospective clients for the properties you market. We would always suggest populating as much as possible in regard to the property.

Secondary details


Agency specific features

Either start typing a feature of use the dropdown list to enter specific features about this property. For example Adapted Bathroom / Busy Trading Location / Cul-de-sac / Double Glazed.

Additional features


Floors                          Unknown / 0 – 99

Usual entrance floor   Unknown / Basement / Ground Floor / 1st floor / 2nd Floor / Higher than 2nd Floor (without lift) / Higher than 2nd Floor (with lift)

Parking                        Defined list of parking options, select all that apply.

Heating                       Defined list of heating options, select all that apply.

Accessibility                Defined list of Accessibility options, select all that apply.

Outside space             Defined list of Outside space options, select all that apply. Note: selecting Communal Garden seems to remove the property from a garden specific search in Rightmove, as for some reason they do not class a communal garden as a property containing a garden, so use this option with caution.

All other questions are simple Yes/No options

Sale features


Sale by             Not Specified / Private Treaty / By Auction / Confidential / By Tender Offers Invited

Condition        Unknown / Good / Some work needed / Work required throughout /  Major renovation required / Pristine

All other questions are simple Yes/No options

Running costs


Rates                          how much is the rates (we recommend the annual fee)

Council tax band       A – H



Average costs for Gas / Electricity / Water rates.

Annual fees


Store Ground rent fee, Estate management fees and Insurance fees, you can also store the renewal dates. When the renewal date occurs, Standout will create an all day appointment to remind you of this renewal.

Outside Area


Inside Area


The above allows for entry and conversion of the area of the property both inside and outside.



This section allows the entry of Primary descriptions, Bullet points, Floors & rooms and Additional Descriptions.

Brief Description

Up to 1000 characters can be entered which will flow though to your own website and portals. This text is usually shown on the results list of your website and any portals.

Full Description

Entry of a full description that can be formatted similar to Word.

Please note – if the text looks irregular, select all the text (usually CTRL then A on windows) then use the ‘Remove format’ option.

Bullet points


Up to 20 bullet points can be added to the property, click the Add new to add an extra bullet point, it will show you how many are left.

Floors & rooms


Room name                A required field and the general name of a room

Room dimensions       Entering 10ft x 10ft or 10’5” x 20’6” will convert to the metric by clicking the Convert button. Similarly, the convert will work with 10m x 20m 10.5m x 22.6m

Room description       A full and concise description of the room to a max of 1000 characters

Photos                         Up to 4 photos can be uploaded to a floor/room

Exclude from               Standout has the ability to create advertising brochures (using Word

Brochure                     docx as template (see Administration / Brochures) and if required a room/floor can be excluded.

Add                             Click this button to add the room (rooms/floors appear on right – see below


In Administration / Branch / Default rooms you have the option to create defaults. This option is most used to add Agent Notes, Disclaimers to all properties. Default rooms when added to a property will be at the end of any rooms/floors created.



The General media tab allows you to add as many photos as you require for a property, along with a floorplan and a URL to a hosted video (such as YouTube etc). Each photograph can be also be named.

The Brochure media tab allows you to re-arrange the photographs in the order that you’d prefer when producing a brochure. All you do is drop and drag the photograph from left/right/right/left.

An example of the above would be that for websites/portals you want the outside front view but, on your brochure, you’d prefer the photograph of their Kitchen/Diner/rear garden as you feel that would attract more interest with a Window Card or hand out brochure.

Inserting a Video URL

To insert a video, Standout will only allow the insertion of a URL from a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Create an account in your chosen video hosting service and then upload the video of a property. You can then share that video, choose the Link option.

You can then paste the link from the video service into the field above. Saving the property will allow our system to update your property on not only your own website but to all your subscribed portals.

How to upload a video to YouTube using a web browser

1. Navigate to YouTube in a web browser.

2. Make sure you are logged in. If you don't see your account avatar in the upper right corner, click "Sign In" and enter your Google account information.

3. Click the Create a video button at the top of the screen. It looks like a video camera. In the drop-down menu, click "Upload video."

4. The video upload page should appear. Under "Select files to upload," click "Public" and choose what level of visibility you want for the video — everyone can see a public video, but you can also make it unlisted (it's still publicly available, but only to people with a direct link), private (meaning only you have access), or Scheduled, which means it won't go live until a later date.

5. Click the large arrow to choose the video file, or you can simply drag the video file onto the page.

6. While the video uploads, you can enter information like the name and description of the video.

7. Click "Publish" to complete the process. You can publish the video while it's still uploading, or wait till the upload is complete. Either way, the video won't appear online unless you click "Publish."

Once the video is uploaded, it will take a few minutes to process. The time it takes to process will depend on how long the video is.


Due to this subject being complex, see Rental Property Overview or contact support at


Once an EPC Certificate has been issued for a property, if you have received an electronic version, you can upload that to the system by drop/drag the image onto the system. However, if you don’t have one, you can set the ratings of Current and Potential on the system, then by clicking Generate will associate an EPC chart for this property.

The expiry date can also be entered. Upon saving the property, this will create an all-day event on that date to remind you it’s expired.


The advertising tab on properties is used for various advertising functions primarily setting which portals a property can appear on.


Standout has the ability to send your properties to all the portals that you subscribe to.

Property Portals.png

You can define before putting a property live which portal to send a property too, once the property is live you can not take it off a portal using this method it must be withdrawn and put back to the portals you require once withdrawn from them all.

For Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket and Boomin once a property has been sent to the portal, you can use this tab to see when it was last updated, whether it was successful or not, plus, you’ll be able to click a link to take you directly to that property page on that portals website.

Board requests


If an advertising board is required for a property the "Board Required" must be selected before the property is made available to enable the board management and updates facility for a property. Also, you can choose how many boards are to be requested.

On the right side, you will see the status of what has been requested for the property.

Hit statistics

If your website has been created by ISSL, you will be able to see the number of hits on your own website, Rightmove, Zoopla and combined. This will show the number of hits and the number of times it has been returned in search results.

Viewings / offers


The Viewings / offers screen will allow you to, on the left side of this screen enter any specific issues when viewing a property, if you operate a Key Reference system, enter the Key reference and any Alarm details.


On the right hand side, you will be able to see all the viewings of this property and any offers from potential buyers/tenants (the above is an example of a tenant).



Throughout the system, Standout offers the ability to create notes, against Contacts and Properties. On the left side the system will show all the notes in a list. For each note, there is an option to Show it or Hide it and the ability to edit it. You are able to upload one file for each note.

Additionally, if you have a website built by ISSL, you can make the note available for Vendors to see on your website.


Property Files.png

To use this option, you will need either a Dropbox or Google Drive account. Should you obtain external documentation from 3rd parties, a tenant, vendor, landlord, contractor, solicitor you have the ability to upload files to a specific Contact or Property. Additionally, you can create sub folders to hold specific documentation/files instead of just having a huge list of files, as you would organise your desktop files.



Standout can be used to track the progress of a properties status. This part of the system has defaults but you can amend this in Administration/Progress progression.

Once you hit a marker (Solicitor instructed) the date can be set against a property, this will then allow you to view this property within the dashboard on left side in Progress.

By using this system, you’ll be able to have a quick view on where the status of a property is at, plus give you a visual reminder of task that may need completing.

Within this option, you can also complete the chain, linking a buyers property if listed on a portal, the seller if they’re buying a property on a portal.



Matches will show you all those contacts within Standout that either match the criteria you have placed against them but have yet to receive an email (Live matches). If you have a busy branch and suspect other members of staff have entered a contact that would match this property, Reload live matches will scan your contacts and list accordingly.

Previously matched will show all those contacts that have previously received an email regarding this property. There is also a reset button, this is used when for example, your property has been reduced in price and you wish to re-email all those contacts, this will enable you to this.

Interested parties


Interested parties are for those contacts that have an interest in a property at either Sale Agreed / SSTC but then the sale falls though, you will then be able to contact them regarding the property.

Staff viewings

This tab is to display all the staff viewings that have been undertaken for the property.

No viewings




When there are viewings, the information returned will be:

Date / Time of visit

Staff member who undertook the visit reason for the visit – when clicking this, it will open a new tab and display the diary / appointment.



History is a log of all the changes and important milestones so you can view what has happened with a property. Particularly useful to see when issues occur such as a Let property is suddenly Available, allowing you to investigate further.

More actions


At the bottom right of the screen, are the More actions and Save property tab.

We’d always recommend pressing “Save property” prior to moving from tab to tab.

Where applicable, two buttons will be shown to the left of More actions. These are:

Book viewing                                       Book a viewing of this property, this will bring a search box for the interested party and then take you to the diary to then book the appointment

Book valuation                                     Book a valuation appointment with a Vendor/Landlord

Create a task                                       create a task against this property for yourself or another member of staff

Depending on the stage of a property, the options for More actions will change accordingly, plus options change between Contracts (For Sale/To Let).

Book valuation                                     Book a valuation appointment with a Vendor/Landlord

Reset valuation                                   Reset a valuation confirmed status back to Pre Valuation

Reset to Let                                         If you reset a Let property back to Available, reset the status

Book viewing                                       Book a viewing of this property, this will bring a search box for the interested party and then take you to the diary to then book the appointment

Create a task                                       create a task against this property for yourself or another member of staff

Clone                                                   Clone a property (eg: Sale and/or Let)

Confirm / reschedule valuation          Confirm or reschedule a valuation appointment

Generate letter                                   Generate a Letter to the linked contacts

Generate brochure                             Generate a brochure for property

Vendor report                                     Generate a report to send to the Vendor reporting on viewings/comments, price changes and website statistics

Vendor invoice                                    Send a one off invoice to the Vendor

Register interest                                 Register interest in the property with another contact

Rental Agreements                             Show the Rental agreements

Email all tenants                                  For shared properties, the ability to email those Tenants with a current agreement

Show to Applicant/Buyer                    Show on screen the property to either the Applicant or Buyer