Profile Configuration

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Staff Profile

The staff configuration allows each staff member to set their own environment up within Standout. Also, if the agency uses Standout for requesting and monitoring holidays, this section will allow days off to be tracked.

Available sections


Account Details           basic account information for the staff member

Dashboard options      Disable and Enable Dashboard components and limit recent items

Holidays                      allow staff to monitor and request holiday requests

Staff profile                 if your website has been created by ISSL and have individual staff member profiles, this section will allow information to be amended when displayed on the agents website.

Email preferences       allows the configuration of the Daily Briefing email and a signature when sending emails from Standout

Daily email                  if enabled, displays a copy of the latest daily email

Email linking                allows Standout to operate directly with an email address (such as Gmail/Outlook etc)

History                         show the record events of task undertaken within Standout

Account Details


Main details

Username                   the name used to log into Standout

Password                    the password entered to log into Standout

Title                             choose the correct title

First name                   should a name change be required

Surname                     should a name change be required

Direct telephone         best number to be contacted on

Email address              email address for the staff member

Reply to                       either the staff member or branch email

Job title                       if a specific title is required

Qualifications              professional qualifications

New Property Walkthrough

New property walkthrough is a new feather which allows an alternative way to enter properties. Based on a question/answer entry system, allowing new users to simply enter properties until familiar with the main property details. This can be used or not used.

Colour scheme

Colour scheme            allows a choice of Light or Dark

Two-factor authentication

You can add an extra layer of security to your Standout Property Manager account by turning on two-factor authentication (2FA). This requires you to have access to your phone when you log in, and means even if your password is compromised or stolen, only you can log in to your account.

Click More information to start this procedure.

Work days

Configure which days the staff member works

Teams I belong to

Shows any teams that have been created in Administration/Teams

Dashboard options


Local weather                         choose to have the next 7 days weather shown on the dashboard

Show Today                            choose to show Today’s Appointments and Tasks

Show Performance Chart       choose to show the Performance Chart

Recent properties                   choose to display between 5 – 10 recently edited properties

Recent Contacts                      choose to display between 5 – 10 recently edited contacts


The holiday entitlement is set in Administration/Staff and allows staff members to be then able to request holidays. A manager or other authorised staff member should then Authorise or Decline a request.


Staff profile


Staff profile enabled               place a tick to enable

Biography                                biography of the staff member

Photo                                      upload a photo of the staff member

Email preferences


Receiving emails

Allows the staff member to define the sections included if Receive Daily Briefing email.

Sending Emails

Allows the staff member to create an email signature when sending emails from Standout.

Email linking

Entering your email settings allows Standout Property Manager to automatically process emails from portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as keep a history of communication with known clients.


You should be able to obtain the email details from your own Email service provider, unfortunately, the Support team at Standout will not be able to assist with this configuration as that information will be unable to us.


History will display any log information stored against a staff member, system events can be removed to reduce the amount of information shown on screen.