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Selling a business

Standout has the ability for you to sell a business, rather than placing a business within a property and selling a business that way. This is also very similar to setting up a property so this document will not be as in-depth on each field -

Business List

Businesses will be listed in this section. To add a business either click “Add Business” in the Dashboard section or by the link “+ Add a business”.

Add a business

Primary Details

Business ref                 either enter a reference if your agency has its own standard, otherwise click “Generate ref” for the system to generate a reference

Branch                         choose the branch which will be responsible for this business

Date available             when will the business be available for sale

Status                          status of the business – always starts at Pre Valuation

Feature business         if you wish to promote this as a Feature business to stand out on your website

Address                       Location of the business for sale


Contract                      For Sale / To Let / Auction

Class                            Residential / Commercial / Business

Confidential                Yes / No – this is for future use within ISSL built property websites and will require a visit to register and log in on the website to see the business

Tenure                        Freehold / Common hold / Leasehold / Share of Freehold / Flying

Freehold / Share transfer

Business type              Comprehensive list of businesses (Bakery / Bar / Bistros etc)

Business name            the name of the business

Business hours            a free format text box to enter the working hours


Currency                     option to use alternative currencies

Currency                     Standout can work in various currencies, the ones currently configured are GBP / USD / EUR.

Flash                            whether you place a flash image over the properties main photo reading New to market / Managers Choice / Reduced.

Sale Price                    Whilst you can enter a price that you’ve agreed with your client, This should really be entered in the first place by confirming a Pre-Valuation Appointment and then entering the recommend price at that point.

Price qualifier              A message before the price – Asking Price / POA / Guide Price / Fixed Price / Offers in Excess of / OIRO / Sale by Tender / From (New Homes and Commercial Only) / Shared Ownership / Offers Over / Part Buy

Part Rent / Shared Equity / Equity Loan / Offers Invited

Post Price Message     a message after the price


Fees can be set as either a Fixed fee or a Percentage, also with a Minimum fee override. Additionally, you can set the Contractual arrangement as Sole Agency / Joint Sole Agency / Multiple Agency. When choosing Joint or Multiple, you can enter the Other Agency(s) name and the Contractual details.

Internal use

This area is for staff to enter private notes. As stated in the screen shot, will be visible to all staff but will on appear on your website.

Secondary details

Agency specific features

Either start typing a feature of use the dropdown list to enter specific features about this property. For example Adapted Bathroom / Busy Trading Location / Cul-de-sac / Double Glazed.

Additional features

Floors                          Unknown / 0 – 99

Usual entrance floor   Unknown / Basement / Ground Floor / 1st floor / 2nd Floor / Higher than 2nd Floor (without lift) / Higher than 2nd Floor (with lift)

Parking                        free form text

Heating                       free form text

Accessibility                free form text

Outside space             free form text

All other questions are simple Yes/No options

Sale features

Sale by             Not Specified / Private Treaty / By Auction / Confidential / By Tender Offers Invited

Condition        Unknown / Good / Some work needed / Work required throughout / Major renovation required / Pristine

All other questions are simple Yes/No options

Running costs

Rates                          how much is the rates (we recommend the annual fee)

Council tax band       A – H


Average costs for Gas / Electricity / Water rates.

Inside Area

Outside Area

The above allows for entry and conversion of the area of the property both inside and outside.


This section allows the entry of Primary descriptions, Bullet points, Floors & rooms and Additional Descriptions.

Brief Description

Up to 1000 characters can be entered which will flow though to your own website and portals.

Full Description

Entry of a full description that can be formatted similar to Word. Please note – if the text is irregular, use the ‘Remove format’ option.

Bullet points

Up to 20 bullet points can be added to the property.

Floors & rooms

Room name                a required field and the general name of a room

Room dimensions       entering 10ft x 10ft or 10’5” x 20’6” will convert to the metric By clicking the Convert button. Similarly, the convert will work with 10m x 20m 10.5m x 22.6m

Room description       a full and concise description of the room to a max of 1000 characters

Photos                         up to 4 photos can be uploaded to a floor/room

Exclude from               Standout has the ability to create advertising brochures (using Word

Brochure                     docx as template (see Administration / Brochures) and if required a room/floor can be excluded.

Add                             Click this button to add the room (rooms/floors appear on right – see


In Administration / Branch / Default rooms you have the option to create defaults. This option is most used to add Agent Notes, Disclaimers to all properties. Default rooms when added to a property will be at the end of any rooms/floors created.


The General media tab allows you to add as many photos as you require for a property, along with a floorplan and a URL to a hosted video (such as YouTube etc). Each photograph can be also be named.

The Brochure media tab allows you to re-arrange the photographs in the order that you’d prefer when producing a brochure. All you do is drop and drag the photograph from left/right/right/left.

An example of the above would be that for websites/portals you want the outside front view but, on your brochure, you’d prefer the photograph of their Kitchen/Diner/rear garden as you feel that would attract more interest with a Window Card or hand out brochure.

Inserting a Video URL

To insert a video, Standout will only allow the insertion of a URL from a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Create an account in your chosen video hosting service and then upload the video of a property. You can then share that video, choose the Link option.

You can then paste the link from the video service into the field above. Saving the property will allow our system to update your property on not only your own website but to all your subscribed portals.


Weekly takings                                   weekly takings for the business

Turnover                                             yearly turnover from the latest accounts

Net profit                                            net profit from latest accounts

Business valuation                              valuation for the business only

Property valuation                              valuation for the property (if any)

Business and property valuation        valuation of both

Accounts file                                       free form text to include financial information


Number of employees                        how many people are employed

Relocatable                                         is this business relocatable


Domestic accommodation                 free form text detailing (if any) living accommodation

Fixtures and fittings                            fixtures and fittings included in the business


Once an EPC Certificate has been issued for a property, if you have received an electronic version, you can upload that to the system by drop/drag the image onto the system. However, if you don’t have one, you can set the ratings of Current and Potential on the system, then by clicking Generate will associate an EPC chart for this property.

The expiry date can also be entered. Upon saving the property, this will create an all-day event on that date to remind you it’s expired.


Standout has the ability to send your properties to all the portals that you subscribe to. As of writing this document, we have the following portals configured:

                       ISSL (if you have a website designed by ourselves)


                       Bamboo auctions


                       Brief Your Market


                       Commercial People

                       Cream Club


                       Daltons Business

                       Digital Direct








                       Move in North

                       Need a Property


                       Newsquest Media Group




                       The Guild Property Professionals

                       Property Collection

                       Think Property


Once a property has been sent to the portal(s), you can use this tab to see when it was last updated, whether it was successful or not, plus, you’ll be able to click a link to take you directly to that property page on that portals website.

Viewings / offers

The Viewings / offers screen will allow you to, on the left side of this screen enter any specific issues when viewing a property, if you operate a Key Reference system, enter the Key reference and any Alarm details.

On the right hand side, you will be able to see all the viewings of this property and any offers from potential buyers/tenants (the above is an example of a tenant).


Throughout the system, Standout offers the ability to create notes, against Contacts and Properties. On the left side the system will show all the notes in a list. For each note, there is an option to Show it or Hide it and the ability to edit it. You are able to upload one file for each note.

Additionally, if you have a website built by ISSL, you can make the note available for Vendors to see on your website.


To use this option, you will need either a Dropbox or Google Drive account. Should you obtain external documentation from 3rd parties, a tenant, vendor, landlord, contractor, solicitor you have the ability to upload files to a specific Contact or Property. Additionally, you can create sub folders to hold specific documentation/files instead of just having a huge list of files, as you would organise your desktop files.


Standout can be used to track the progress of a properties status. This part of the system has defaults but you can amend this in Administration/Progress progression.

Once you hit a marker (Solicitor instructed) the date can be set against a property, this will then allow you to view this property within the dashboard on left side in Progress.

By using this system, you’ll be able to have a quick view on where the status of a property is at, plus give you a visual reminder of task that may need completing.

Within this option, you can also complete the chain, linking a buyers property if listed on a portal, the seller if they’re buying a property on a portal.


Matches will show you all those contacts within Standout that either match the criteria you have placed against them but have yet to receive an email (Live matches). If you have a busy branch and suspect other members of staff have entered a contact that would match this property, Reload live matches will scan your contacts and list accordingly.

Previously matched will show all those contacts that have previously received an email regarding this property. There is also a reset button, this is used when for example, your property has been reduced in price and you wish to re-email all those contacts, this will enable you to this.

Interested parties

Interested parties are for those contacts that have an interest in a property at either Sale Agreed / SSTC but then the sale falls though, you will then be able to contact them regarding the property.


History is a log of all the changes and important milestones so you can view what has happened with a property. Particularly useful to see when issues occur such as a Let property is suddenly Available, allowing you to investigate further.

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