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Agency configuration

Agency Configuration.png

Company logo             add to the system an image of your company logo for use within the Standout system

Year start

Financial year start     when the Agencies financial year starts

Holiday year start       when the Agencies holiday year starts

Default local council   select your local council from the drop down list, you can press backspace and start typing the name to find the council name.

Email server configuration

To help with the initial configuration of your email server, a new option “Default Services” has been added.

Email Server Configuration.png

Standout has the initial settings for email services from:Gmail / Hosted Exchange by ISSL / Office 365 / Other mail provider

The above can be ignored if your IT support has given you details to populate the email server configuration.

Standout Property Manager can integrate with your own Email server, this will then send all emails other than client match emails via your own mail server, client match emails will still be sent by the ISSL server as that can handle bulk mail. This will allow you to control which email server sends emails from Standout to your contacts. Either leave this option or enable it to use your own email server. Your IT team should be able to provide you with email server details for Standout to use.

The options are:

Server Enabled                        ticked, this will allow configuration of your own Email Server

Email host name                     normally the smtp address (eg

Port number                           normally 465 or 587 (gmail etc is 587)

Protocol                                  Normally TLS but can be SSL or None

Username                               Username of the account (can be an email address)

Password                                Password for the account

From name                             Text for the account (can be your Agency Name)

From address                          Email address of the account

Send test email                       Send a test email using the above settings (saving the agency is not required for testing, only to save permanently)

Email branding

This section allows you to upload images for an email header and footer, change colour schemes and when sending a property match email, enter additional text at the top of the email.

Status Overrides

Status Override.png

This section allows you to override a status on your website and portals. The main reason for this override is whilst a sale goes through, and has the possibility of falling though, allowing the agency to continue gathering potential customer details during the sale process.


Configure the amount of time to keep details on the system. This screen allows you to determine how long you will keep various forms of data. This decision is yours and any periods should be updated in line with your privacy policy and company terms.

Telephone privacy statement

This statement will be displayed alongside a telephone consent checkbox on contact details, allowing it to be read out

Recently introduced, by default, “Force GDPR conformation” has been added to Standout. This option will force the Marketing/Privacy/Manual consent option to be displayed when a member of staff adds a new contact.

An agency should place their own Telephone privacy statement in the above box. This will be displayed each time a staff member creates a new contact.

However, if you are entering a Solicitor, you can instruct your staff member to ignore this option and move left to the Contact details tab and enter the Solicitor details.

Data retention limits







MailChimp Key

To allow you to email multiple contacts, the Marketing tab allows you to link Standout to MailChimp. All the details required are linked from this page to MailChimp.

MailChimp Lists

An example of how lists are shown can be seen:

File storage

File Storage.png

This section will require you to subscribe to either FTP File Server, Dropbox or Google Drive for the storage of documents. These documents are used in both Letter and Email templates to send agency documents to your contacts.

ISSL can offer 2Gb of free disk space, please contact us at and we can set this up for you. Once you get to the limit, we offer cheaper rates than the other services.

The maximum size of each file you can upload is 10Mb. The maximum space is dictated by your storage provider.

Please be aware, large files connected to an email may stop the contact from receiving your email if their email provider has a limit on the size of an email.

Invoices – currently unavailable

Standout is linked to our accounting system, all invoices that have been issued to your agency can be viewed from this screen.

Tawk to API

Tawk To.png

Standout can show and link the Tawk To chat system so that if installed on your website, you can receive notifications that a client wishes to chat.

When you log into Tawk to then choose the icon on the left side which reads “Add ons”, choose Webhooks.

Click the “+Create Webhook” button and you will then need to copy the link given in the Tawk to settings and place it into “Your Request Endpoint URL” and then copy and paste the Secret Key into the Tawk To Settings, click Save to update.

Note: You will need to amend each staff member and go to Permissions and tick the Permission “Use Tawk.To Interface” for them to be able to use Tawk to within Standout.


By default the first Branch created is called Head Office (you can rename this). When in trial or Landlord mode, only one branch can be configured. Once signed up, an agency can add further branches.

Branch List.png

Adding a branch

To add a new branch, the procedure is identical to the details in Edit Branch,.

Edit Branch

To edit a branch, just click the Edit Branch on the right hand side.

Edit Branch Button.png

Contact Information

Branch Name              the name of this Branch

Postcode                     the postcode of this branch

Address                       the full address of the branch

Country                       the country where the branch resides

Telephone Number    the telephone number of the branch

Fax Number                the fax number of the branch

Email address              the main email used for this branch

Latitude                       the Latitude of this branch (for digital maps)

Longitude                    the Longitude of this branch (for digital maps)

Legal entity name       the Legal entity name of this Agency


Once you’ve added all the staff in your Agency, you can assign those Staff members to Manager roles.

Default rooms

To optimise property entry, it Is possible to create default rooms and floors. These rooms/floors will appear (if chosen to be added) at the end of your floors/rooms within a property. One of the popular options for default rooms is to add Agent Notes and Disclaimers to a property and saves the re-entering of room information. Additionally, as with floors/rooms in a property, these can be excluded from being included in a brochure.


Branch services

Branch on hold           if you either close a branch or temporarily stop operating from a branch, this will place that branch on hold so no properties can be added.

Sales                            this branch caters for Sale properties

Rentals            this branch caters for Rental properties

Auction                       this branch caters for Auction properties

Residential                  this branch caters for Residential classes

Commercial                 this branch caters for Commercial classes

Business sales             this branch caters for Business sales

Default local council

This dropdown selection will default to the default local council in the Agency settings. However, if this branch does not fall within this remit, you can then choose an alternative.


Property status mode this allows all properties to either operate by Free or Guided (default) modes. In Free mode, you select the Property status as you progress through either the Sale or Rental. In Guided mode, the system will allow you to only choose from a chosen set of statuses and will change as you progress through the Sale or Rental process.

Countries can be configured so that if you only operate in England, then you can choose Not displayed otherwise you can choose Displayed or Mandatory that a country is selected.

Enable EPC is when you either wish to enter an EPC for a property but, if this is not an requirement, then EPCs can be turned off.

Force money laundering checks will only allow you to proceed with a property only when those parties have supplied money laundering documentation.

Flag properties that have not been viewing in the past number of days allows you to set a number of days so that agents are aware of properties that are not gaining interest by potential buyers.


Should you wish to ensure that by default emails are sent to viewers, owners and tenants but can be either turned off here or when creating an appointment.


Default fee                              the fee default amount (1% default)

Default fee type                      either Fixed or Percentage (% default)

Default rental fee                   the rental fee default amount (0% default)

Default rental fee type           either Fixed or Percentage (% default)

Default finders fee                  a monetary figure (£0.00 default)

Apply fees                               when the agencies management feeds should be applied

           On due date                when the due date occurs, fees are raised automatically

           On payment                when the tenant pays, then the fees are raised


An agency can set up all the agency fees that they accept, by default GBP/EUR/USD


When letters are produced, who letters are sent from, either the Property Manager, Branch Manager or that user that is logged in.


Standout can convert text to French/German/Spanish instead of English


When you enter your VAT number, Standout will allow you to enter the VAT rate and the effective Date, this will allow the system to calculate the correct VAT amount for each applicable transaction. If the rate changes, then Standout will use the current VAT rate.


Rental fee information           the agencies legal information regarding rental properties.

This will be displayed on your website and to portals.

Repairs                                    If your website was created by ISSL recently, it may have the ability for tenants to report repairs directly. If this is available and enabled, the below staff member will be notified whenever a new repair is reported by a tenant, in addition to it appearing in the list of repairs for their property.



Standout has the ability to send SMS text messages to mobile numbers but, an Agency must purchase credits for this to operate. You will be required to enter an SMS sender number (usually your office number) and a tag line for the end of your message. Also, if enabled, Standout can text those contacts who are viewing a property, will receive a reminder 2 hours prior to an appointment.

Advertising board request

Standout has two methods for board companies, either the standard email service, or Agency Express

Agency Express
Agency Express.png

When you sign up with agency express you can obtain an API code from them, just put that (Copy and Paste) into the Agency Express API field, you will also get a Branch Code, again copy and paste that into the Branch code field and select the other options as required.

Standard Email Board Company

Board Company.png
Board company contact details

Fill in the required information primarily the board company email address where the automated emails will be sent to.

Sale statuses

When standout sends/updates a board company regarding changes.

Letting statuses

When standout sends/updates a board company regarding changes.

Board removal

When a board should be removed (after x days).

Applicable countries

Applicable Countries.png

By default England is selected for all companies and offices, however you should ensure that this is selected correctly according to the countries that you sell properties in, just tick or untick as required.


Standout can send the appropriate information to either Brief Your Market or Move with Us should you have a subscription with either of these companies.

Proactive Actions

Proactive actions have been created to automate actions to improve efficiency of your agency. By setting up actions you are able to initiate reminders, communications with a property vendor or landlord without having to manually perform this. For example, you might want to send an email to a vendor after 7 days of their property going on the market to reassure them you're doing everything to find a buyer.

Creating a new action

Description - A description of the action (max 255 characters)

Enable/Disable - If this task is Disabled, it will not be processed by Standout (if you want to suspend this for the time being)

Property Class

Residential/Commercial/Business - Choose which class of property to perform the action against

Property Type

Sales/Lettings - Choose if this action is to perform against a sales property or a rental property

Property Status

At status change/After status change - "At status change" will be processed every time a property is edited and those actions which are applicable, will be processed. "After status change" will be processed by a daily job that will run in the early hours of a morning. Therefore, when selecting a "Contact day" you will NOT be able to choose "Immediately".

Specific status - Which status do you want to perform the action against

Contact Method

6 methods are currently available: 'Create a task', 'Diarise telephone call', 'Diarise send email', 'Diarise send SMS', 'Email (automated)', 'Email (staff member)', 'SMS (automated)'

Contact day

You can choose to perform this action immediately or up to 28 days in the future. Note: Immediately will NOT be available if "After status change" is chosen.

Contact time

You can choose a specific time for the diary appointment to be created.

Staff member

Choose who to assign any the action to (be it an task/appointment or a signature on an email.

Send to

Choose who to send the email or SMS to - Vendor/Landlord or Buyer/Tenant

Task name

Enter a meaningful task subject line when creating a task for a staff member (max 255 characters)


When an email method is chosen, this appears for you to complete.


The main text to an email. Variables can also be used and are:-

Current variables are

Property variables

{RE} - The Display Address for the property

{REF} - The property reference

{ADDRESS} - The properties full address (seperate lines)

Vendor variables

{VendorSalutation} - The vendor name including Title

{VendorTitle} - The title of the vendor

{VendorName} - The first name(s) of the vendor

{VendorSurname} - The surname of the vendor

{VendorTelephone} - The vendors telephone number

{VendorMobile} - The vendors mobile telephone number

{VendorEmail} - The vendors email address

Landlord Variables

{LandlordSalutation} - The landlords name including Title

{LandlordTitle} - The title of the landlord

{LandlordName} - The first name(s) of the landlord

{LandlordSurname} - The surname of the landlord

{LandlordTelephone} - The landlords telelphone number

{LandlordMobile} - The landlords mobile number

{LandlordEmail} - The landlords email address

Buyer variables

{BuyerSalutation} - The buyer name including Title

{BuyerTitle} - The title of the buyer

{BuyerName} - The first name(s) of the buyer

{BuyerSurname} - The surname of the buyer

{BuyerTelephone} - The buyers telephone number

{BuyerMobile} - The buyers mobile telephone number

{BuyerEmail} - The tenants email address

Tenant variables

{TenantSalutation} - The tenant name including Title

{TenantTitle} - The title of the tenant

{TenantName} - The first name(s) of the tenant

{TenantSurname} - The surname of the tenant

{TenantTelephone} - The tenants telephone number

{TenantMobile} - The tenants mobile telephone number

{TenantEmail} - The tenants email address

Staff variables

{StaffMember} - The name of the staff member dealing with this property

{AgencyName} - The agency name

{OfficeAddres} - The address of the branch

{OfficeTelephone} - The telephone number of the branch

{OfficeEmail} - The email address of the branch

Formatting variables

{b} - Start to bold text

{/b} - End of the bold text

{u} - Start to underline text

{/u} - End of the underline text

{i} - Start to italic text

{/i} - End of the italic text

Delete action - allows for you to delete the action

Cancel - cancel editing the action

Create/Update action - creates or updates the action

Once saved, you will be shown a list of existing actions. You have the options to edit or delete an action.

Money laundering provider

There are 2 options for money laundering provider either none (you will do all the checks manually yourself) or Landmark where they will do all the checking for you.

Money Laundering Provider.png

If None is selected you have two options available Force money laundering checks, which basically reminds you if you have not entered any identity check information and email chase up, enabling this option will send reminder emails to those contacts that are still required to provide you with Money Laundering documentation. By enabling this option, a staff member is required to be selected and if required, the email can be amended to your own wording.

Landmark AML

Landmark Configuration.png

Selecting Landmark will enable the fully automated Anti Money Laundering verification system from Landmark.

Once you sign up with Landmark tell them you are using Standout Property Manager From ISSL they will provide you with an Account ID, copy and past that into the Account ID field and save, from that point on your are able to automatically AML check contacts.


Staff List.png

By default the staff list shows all staff that are enabled, you can change this list to show all inactive staff by clicking on the filter by status drop down, from here you can select active or inactive staff.

Should you want to restore a staff member that you have made inactive swap to the inactive list, then click restore to the right of the person that you want to make active again.

Restore User.png

It is important that if a member of staff leaves you deactivate them from the system as soon as they walk out the door for the protection of your data, as they can login from anywhere unless you have ip restrictions in place.

Add / Edit a member of staff

Staff Screen 1.png

Most fields here are self explanatory please remember if you have multiple offices to assign the staff member to the correct office with the correct privileges .Once completed  data entry of this tab, please press Create staff before moving to the next tab to ensure that there will be no data loss or entry errors.


Permissions 1.png
Permissions 2.png
Permissions 3.png

You can allow or disallow staff access to parts of the Standout system.

The permissions screen is split into logical sections to help you assign the correct level of access to each person.

When you click any of the above options, they will automatically update, therefore, you do not need to click Save staff on this tab once you have completed your edits.

Email Preferences

Use this section to create an email signature for automated emails as you are legally obliged to do this.

Email access

Entering a staff’s email settings allows Standout Property Manager to automatically process emails from portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as keep a history of communication with known clients.


Shows a history of what a staff member has had logged whilst using Standout.

Login locations

When staff log in, their IP address is recorded, if a member of staff is working out of the office and shouldn’t be, this will allow you to block the address in Agency / Security.

Staff Holidays Administration Configuration

Configuring holidays is simple, there are the following two options in Administration/Staff/Staff member. Then, select the Permissions tab

Specifically, these are the two settings that need to be configured, with ticks, that member of staff can do both, without those, are required to request holidays.

Configuration Warning

If no one has “Approve own holidays” in a branch, when a staff member attempts to Request a holiday, they will see this error:

To fix this issue ensure the above has been configured.

Staff Configuration

Within Staff details / Basic details, there is now the ability to store the staff members holiday allocation, this is in number of days.

Along with their allocation, please enter their workdays so the system knows which days they work.



The above example screen shot shows the general team selected and all staff members are added to that team. By default, the General team is created and all staff members automatically get added to this team when they are created.

To edit a team click Edit then add or remove staff as required and click Save team.

To create a new team, enter the Team name, choose Staff and click Save team.



This page allows you to send data to various outbound data feeds to portals etc, and update the details for those you are subscribed to.

Editing Feeds

There are two types of outbound data feed :-

Standard Feeds (Rightmove, On the Market, Zoopla etc) and None Standard feeds none standard feeds need extra information.

All feeds are edited by simply clicking on the Edit button as per the below example :-

Net House Prices.png

Once the Edit link is pressed it expands down to show the below :-

Net House Prices 2.png

Just fill in the feed codes supplied by the portal company in the spaces provided, note you may have different codes for each type of property, also some types may not appear ie if you do not do commercial property then that option will not be available.

The Automatically include new listings determines if any new property you enter is automatically sent to the portal, if not selected you need to manually enable the property to send on the advertising tab within each property.

Once you have input the code supplied, press Save Details and you are finished.

The feed will automatically start.

The second type of feed requiring more information is shown below, again the portal will supply the extra information.

FTP Feeds.png

Portal companies will supply you with their feed information, certain portals will require FTP details to be entered, others will already contain FTP settings, some using real time data feeds (Rightmove, Zoopla etc) do not need this information. Some portals will also have separate feed codes for each branch so ensure you check that the feeds are set up correctly as per the portal requirements.

All portals will have feed codes for the types of properties that will be required to populate the above fields.


This page allows you to define known IP addresses to restrict logins to this system. If no IP Addresses are listed, staff can log in from any machine. Adding IP Addresses to this list will restrict where staff can log in from, and increase the security of your data.


The above screenshot shows that Carl Smit is only allowed to access Standout Property Manager from the ip address shown, this restricting this person to only login from the office (or any known location)

IP formatting:

IPV4 addresses follow the format N.N.N.N where N is a number from 1-255

IPV6 addresses follow the example 2001:0db8:0a0b:12f0:0000:0000:0000:0001

Property features

Property Features.png

This option is used to add new items that have not been defined in the “Features” list within Properties.

For example if you sell properties that quite often have canal at the rear of the garden then you could add a feature of 'Canal Mooring'

Property Progression

Add marker

This allows you to add a progression marker that does not already exist and for a range of contracts/classes and contacts.

Default Residential Sales

Default Residential Lettings

Default Commercial Sales

Default Commercial Lettings

Default Business Sales

Contact Sources

Standout has some default advertising sources configured. However, should you wish to record a specific advertising campaign or advertising outlet not listed, it can be added in this section.

Brochure Templates

By default, Standout has two brochures available. However, these can be amended for your agency. ISSL offer a service to create a brochure for your agency (at a cost), otherwise, you may download a template, amend it and upload it.

To create a new brochure, click Duplicate on either of the above defaults.

Editing a brochure

Document name                     a meaning full short description of the brochure

Document description            a full description of the brochure

For a complete list of what variables to use within your brochure, click “Template variables available to use on this brochure” and a comprehensive list and descriptions will be show. If needed, copy/paste this information into a new Word document to either save as a reference and/or print out.

Click “Download Microsoft Word template” to download and edit the document. When completed, click on Choose File, select the template that you’ve edited and then click

Save Brochure. The original brochure will now be replaced with the new version. To test, open a property, click More Actions then Generate Brochure, if you then save the property with a generated brochure, Standout will create a PDF version.

Letter templates

Standout offers a master set of letters when communicating with contacts. Every letter can be duplicated, amended and then used by Staff. We recommend letter names that are meaningful and not ambiguous, especially if duplicate letters are created with only minor differences.

When you’ve attached Agency files to be sent with your letters, the number of letters attached will be shown in the letter description “(and has ‘x’ agency file(s) attached)”.

Master letters are available to preview and Duplicate but not Edit.

Choose a letter to that you wish to duplicate and click “Duplicate”

Edit letter

Copy settings

If you have a document already configured (with Page/Header/Footer settings, you can use this option to copy these. Click Copy settings from, select your letter and then click Copy.

Enter a meaningful Letter name and description for this letter.


These settings allow you to control the margins on the page and the default font size to be used.


This section allows you to configure where a logo will appear an on what page.


This section allows you to configure where a logo will appear an on what page.

Letter content

This section will let you configure the content of the letter and place the variables in your letter which will be converted.

Design Help

If you click on the “Help on designing letter templates” a list of sections and variables should be displayed

The above is broken into three sections - Section variables, Mandatory variables, Optional variables (usually added variables).

Agency files

Once files have been uploaded in the Agency files section, you are able to then choose files to be sent with these letters, should you choose the Email option and are attached automatically.

Once completed click on Save letter to save these changes and return to the Letters list.

Email templates

As with Letters, emails have Master copies that you are unable to edit, to make your own version, click “Duplicate” to create a new document.

Editing Email

Click on Edit on the right hand side to open the template details

Document name                     the name of the email

Document description            a detailed description of the email

Template Code                       the wording of your email

Show merge fields

Agency files                             the files that can be attached to an email sent from Standout

Delete                                     Delete this template

Cancel                                     Cancel any alterations and return to the email templates

Save email                               Save the email and return to the email templates

Diary categories

This section allows you to create new categories for the diary and also allows the category colour to use.

Match location updater

Match Location Update.png

The section allows you to enter an area, then, if you believe it should be altered, you can then send a request to our support team for it to be inspected and either authorised or rejected.

Proposing a new location

Propose New Location.png

Nearby location          if the location can’t be found, enter one that is nearby as a starting point and then amend as required.

Name your location    Name the location of the area you are suggesting

Propose location         click this button to send the location to support for their review.

Landmark Agency Configuration

Landmark should provide you with four configuration keys, these are to be stored in Administration / Branch / Money laundering configuration

Landmark Agency Configuration.png

You need to input the following:

API or Ocp Apim Subscription Key

Account ID

Client ID

Client Secret

Once entered (or copy/pasted), then save the branch.

You will need to log out and log back into Standout for these settings to allow AML checking.