Rental HMO

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Creating a HMO property

You create a property in exactly the same way as described in the Rental Property Overview, once you’ve a property that you have created, valued it, confirmed the valuation, you can then edit the property to make it a HMO.

Rental options

Open your property and then click on the Rental tab

Click on Yes to share the property. A new tab will appear called “Rooms”.

Prior to leaving this tab, configure all the options

Let type                       Not Specified / Long Term / Short Term / Student / Commercial

Furnished                    Unknown / Unfurnished / Part furnished / Fully furnished

Minimum term           minimum term in months

Contract length           length of contract in months

Pets allowed               Yes/No

Smokers considered   Yes/No

Benefits considered    Yes/No

Bills included

All bills                         Yes / No for All options

Water bill                    Yes/No

Gas bill                        Yes/No

Electricity bill              Yes/No

Oil bill                          Yes/No

Council tax                  Yes/No

TV license                    Yes/No

Satellite/Cable TV       Yes/No

Internet                       Yes/No

Rent includes              description of what the rent includes up to 1000 characters

Save the property.


The property created for this document had 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 2 receptions rooms. The system is expecting 5 rooms to be created.

Per How much will be generated (Week / Month / Year)

Add room

Notice that once you have added 5 rooms, you cannot add an additional room.

Edit room

To edit a room, click Room 1 – this will open a new tab allowing to you edit and create the room


Contract          To Let

Managed         No / Rent Collection / Yes – defaults to the setting you’ve chosen on the

primary property details

Class                Residential / Commercial


Let price                      Rental price for that room

Price qualifier              Fixed price (see Property Overview for all options)

Post price message     a text message (such as per week / per month etc)

Let period                   Weekly / Monthly / Yearly / (see Property Overview for all options)

Bond price                  price for the Bond a tenant pays


Management fee        either a % or fixed price for management fees

Fee type                      % or fixed

Finders fee                  takes value from Primary property but can differ room by room


Before moving onto other tabs, please ensure you click “Save room”. Don’t forget to complete Rental / Description / Media / Inventory (for that room).

Once you have completed all the room edits, click Save room – CLOSE the tab and refresh your browser, you will then see


Standout will show how much the property can generate on a Week / Month / Year.

Our example is 3 x £95 and 2 x £125 per week rental.

We always recommend you Save Property when finishing edits.

Emailing all tenants

When editing the property, you can now email all the tenants with a current agreement. Simply click More actions and then Email all tenants button


Simply add a subject and email body, click Send email and all tenants that have supplied an email address will receive the email. This could be used when tenants need to be informed of communal area repairs or disruptions.


In Dashboard, you will now see all 5 rooms in your recently edited listings plus the master property

HMO Dashboard.png

These rooms are now uploaded to your website, portals ready for you to then create a new tenancy agreement for a room.

Creating a tenancy agreement

Once you have an applicant/tenant interesting in the room, enter all their details into Standout, ensure that you book a viewing for the tenant by opening the room then click More actions / Book viewing.

Make offer


Once they’ve made an offer (or wish to proceed) click on the Room then Viewings / offers and choose “Make offer”


Enter the amount you’ve agreed, what position they’re in, any additional parties, offer conditions and then click Make offer. You will be then offered to create the appropriate letter and either print/download or email to the applicant/landlord.

Accepting an offer

To accept an offer, open the room and then go back to Viewings / offers.


Click on Accept to proceed, you’ll be asked to confirm your action with an Ok / Cancel prompt. Click Ok and then create the Letter of Offer Accepted to both Applicant/Landlord


When you then click the Go  / Back to property you will be returned to the room, notice that the status now reads “Application Made”.

Creating the agreement

Once you’ve completed all your security checks and confirmed everything with all parties, you can then create the Tenancy agreement. Click More actions then Tenancy agreements to then create a new agreement for this room


You will be required to create the agreement, this is identical as creating for a full property (see Rental Overview).

Once completed, click the Create agreement button and you can then select the letters to produce


Once you’ve created all the required letters, click the Back to agreement button.


You will then see a new tab called “Financials” which will show


Showing the figures that are now required to be paid to and from tenant/landlord.

Viewing Tenancy Agreements / Financials – specific room

When you open a room, you will notice a difference at the top of the form where agreements are shown


Room tenants are not show on this screen, click Rental agreements


Click View to view the agreement and Financials


Main Property – Tenancy agreements


Click on Rental agreements (all rooms) for the following


Click on the room you wish to view, then click the View link to open that tenancy agreement so that you can either amend it, add payments, create statements or just simply view its current state